In Kentucky and Indiana the buyers gets to choose who they want to close their loan. They can choose from a number of title companies and attorneys. Sometimes the realtor recommends a trusted attorney, and sometimes the lender recommends a firm it is familiar with. However, the final decision is always up to the buyer.

Once the decision of who and where to close has been made, the real estate agent will contact the mortgage company to have them order title from the chosen attorney.


The settlement statement can be one of the most complicated forms the buyers and seller will need to review and go over. It is helpful, when possible, to review the Settlement Statement and have your clients review it before closing. This will help the closing run a lot smoother. Many closings are held up by disagreements with the Settlement Statement resulting in changing the figures it while everyone is sitting at the closing table. 

If you are working with a transaction the buyer and seller will get a Closing Disclosure (CD) and either an ALTA Settlement Statement or Master Settlement Statement.  If a lender isn’t involved the buyer and seller will get a HUD-1 closing statement.


  1. Bring house keys.
  2. Bring the earnest deposit check.
  3. Make sure to remind your clients to bring a photo I.D.
  4. Have your client bring a checkbook - you never know if there might be unexpected outside costs.
  5. If your client is a corporation have them bring a copy of the Corporate Resolution
  6. If there is a Power of Attorney, make sure either the attorney has it, or your client brings the original.
  7. If there is a punch list for repairs, make sure to check the status of those repairs before sitting down for the closing and bring evidence (i.e. receipts) of those repairs.
  8. Bring a list of all the phone numbers your clients might need (Homeowners Association, Electric Company, Water Company etc.).
  9. If there is a home warranty or termite inspection for which to collect, make sure to bring it so the attorney can send it with the check out of escrow.
  10. If you are in Jefferson County make sure all fire alarms on the property are either hard wired or use lithium batteries and they were installed prior to closing.
  11. Have buyer call to make sure of the final closing figures and to see if there are any additional documents or checks they will need to bring.
  12. Have seller call all utility companies/cable to shut off services.
  13. Have the buyer call all need utility companies/cable to have turned on.
  14. Provide the buyer with the trash pickup and recycling days.