Comprehensive Services for Small Business Formation

As small business incorporation lawyers, we provide a comprehensive line of services to small businesses. Our services include:

  • Selection of entity, most often an LLC or S-Corp

  • Obtaining an EIN

  • Filing with the Secretary of State

  • Drafting bylaws and operating agreements

  • Advising on minutes in annual meeting

Our attorneys can guide you through the process of small business incorporation as an LLC or S-Corp, ensure your business is filed correctly with the Secretary of State and ensure you are in compliance with the law.

If you own a property and are renting it out, or if you are trying to sell the property, you can reduce your own personal liability if someone is injured on the property. By incorporating as an LLC or S-Corp, your personal assets are protected.  We can also help investors with 1031 Exchanges.


Many people are taking advantage of the current real estate market by investing in real estate. The majority of entrepreneurs involved in these types of real estate investments have no prior experience as business owners. The English Law Group, P.S.C. helps real estate investors protect their rights in their new capacity as business owners. We can guide you through the process of small business incorporation and ensure that your personal assets are not put at risk.

Our Kentucky real estate investor attorneys represent many first-time business owners who are involved in buying, selling and renting properties. Call us locally at (502) 425-8717 or contact us online. Most of our clients will incorporate as a limited liability company (LLC).



If you have questions about small business incorporation for real estate investors, do not hesitate to call our law firm locally at (502) 425-8717. You can also contact our real estate law firm online.