At English Law Group we are all about giving our clients the best experience possible.  We know that clients have a choice when it comes to title companies, and that’s why we created Road Map to closing.

I’ve often heard that clients feel left in the dark when it comes to the title side of closings.  We want to shed some light on the process.  Now agents get emails throughout the process to keep them informed as to what is going on. 

Agents and lenders will also get reminders after closing at important times to follow up with their clients, which is a great time to ask for referrals. 

Everyone loves the added info.  Roadmap to closing is just one more way The English Law Group is raising the bar on closings. 

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The ‘RoadMap to Closing’ email makes my life so much easier. It simplifies our closing process and makes relaying information to our clients so concise and pretty. One less step for me to worry about it!!!
— Melissa Allgeier, Realtor

Here are just a few examples of emails sent through RoadMap to Closing:

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