What is Title Insurance?

You probably have several forms of insurance already. And you undoubtedly are familiar with insurance coverage on cars, your life and medial bills. But title insurance?

When you buy a condominium, home, any other type of building or even undeveloped land, you must have a complete investigation made on every aspect of the property. Or, you may discover that the property you bought and paid for is not actually yours at all!

And even after the investigation, you will need protection in the event that some point has been missed in the public records or someone makes a claim on the title to your property. That protection is a title insurance policy from Cherokee Title Company.

What does it mean to insure your title to real estate? And what are the risks that make title insurance so necessary? The following links will answer those questions for you.

Cherokee Title Co.

Cherokee Title Co., Inc. is a title insurance and closing/escrow company which Bob English established in 1983.   The sister company of The English Law Group, P.S.C., is now owned by Colleen and Bob.  It has exceptional customer service, an untarnished reputation for integrity, and an enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.  

Cherokee Title is an agent for First American Title Company and Chicago Title Insurance Company/Fidelity National Title Insurance company.  For over 30 years, Cherokee Title has provided the same unsurpassed service to its customers.


Used with permission of Chicago Title Insurance Company